We welcome you to the princely court in Postoloprty 

Welcome to our unique project of reconstruction of the princely court in Postoloprty! We are proud to showcase our work and actively engage our other supporters.
Our endeavor is to restore this historic complex and transform it into a modern cultural center. We want to preserve the heritage of the past while providing space for art, culture and unforgettable experiences.
Our reconstruction is carried out with care and respect for the history of this place. We work with renowned architects, restorers and experts to ensure maximum quality in every detail.
But we are not just passive observers! We want to actively involve you in this wonderful process. You can become part of our community by contributing funds or your ideas and skills. Your support is crucial to the success of this project.
Join us and help us restore this historic beauty to its former glory. Together we can create a place that will be an inspiration for generations to come. Give us your vote and support our reconstruction of the princely court in Postoloprty!

5. května 109, Postoloprty, Czech Republic

Help us save the princely court of Postoloprty!

Dear friends, we would like to present our idea to you and present you the first public collection that will help us speed up the reconstruction of the princely court in Postoloprty. Our collection is aimed at promoting and preserving the cultural heritage and history of this beautiful building. By collecting funds from people like you, we will be able to carry out the necessary repairs so that the princely court can once again become a lively center of cultural events. Our efforts are based on your support, which is invaluable to us. We firmly believe that together we can achieve our goal and help restore this historic building to its former glory.
Thank you for your time and your interest in our collection. If you would like to donate or learn more information, please visit our web link below. Your support means a lot to us and we are grateful for every contribution you make.

Dear friends and acquaintances,

It's incredibly encouraging to see how many people support us. We had no idea that your interest in our help was so huge. This is a big responsibility for us and we believe that all things will move in the right direction.

We'd like to introduce you to a new option to quickly donate using a QR code. With this simple mechanism, you can choose the amount you want to contribute to the reconstruction of the Princely Court in Postoloprty.

Thank you for your kindness and support.

With respect,

Dalibor with his family and the team of the Prince's Court

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The possibility of organizing wedding receptions, corporate events and presentations

We welcome you to our wedding barn,

where we prepare unique and unforgettable wedding experiences. We want to help you create a perfect and unique space for your joint important step in life. Our wedding barn is equipped with all retro comfort and we offer complete professional organization of your wedding. Count on us to turn your wishes into reality and so that you can enjoy the most beautiful day of your life without worries.


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Your most frequently asked questions

Many friends ask us questions that we post here for your guidance

Why did you buy the property?

At a time when we were planning a family and a change of pace of life from busy Prague to a quieter city, the prince's court appeared, which amazed us precisely with its size, thus so many possibilities and great potential for future use. The unique granary literally brought us to our knees, it was the driving force behind our decision, until then we had not seen a greater beauty. The estate as a whole seems an incredible genius of loci. And we literally exchanged the size of one apartment in Prague for a huge estate with so many possibilities.

What are the plans for the use of these properties?

There is an abundance of plans and ideas, they gradually change and reshape how we manage to accomplish smaller tasks and also how, on the contrary, various complications arise. The most important goal is to stop the further deterioration of the buildings on the farm and mainly to repair the leaky roofs - because the roof is the foundation. Another goal, so that there is something to finance the repairs, is to build one of the largest and most beautiful wedding venues in the Czech Republic. Of course, this includes facilities, accommodation, a cafe, restaurant facilities and wellness. Organizing regular events such as carpentry workshops or the Haunted Granary, further opening some areas to the public - the granary - exhibitions, a museum of historical machines, etc. Cooperation with the city and the region and organizing similar events throughout the year, so that the farm becomes a meeting place for the general public and came to life forever.

How do you manage all the work and stress?

We are a huge motivation for each other, we support each other and whenever we can't anymore, the other person gives us the strength to get up and keep going. Lately, it's mainly the children who motivate us even more. Then also positive responses from friends, acquaintances and, last but not least, from fans on social networks

Do you live in Princely Court?

Yes, we live there. Our dream home in the princely court is still waiting for us, for now the roofs and the state of disrepair of the other buildings are more important than our comfort